favorite this post Jun 23 E-Z Entry Pony Cart  » 2013 One Senior What’s more, the companies had complimentary products: Wilson was the leader in gloves, balls and protective gear, while DeMarini made the world’s finest bats. Where would you like us to send the notification email?  » 2012 M2M Adult 32"/20oz.  » 2012 Vendetta Youth  » 2012 CF5 Insane FP Special offers and product promotions. 2020 DeMarini FNX Rising -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat, WTDXPHP-20. The word Vendetta means, "any prolonged and bitter feud or rivalry." 31"/19oz. The Catalyst -10 and the Vendetta -9 are legal in Pony League. Replaced an Easton Steatlh Speed -11 that had cracked after 4 months of use. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-401-1835, if you have any issues accessing information on this website. The 2012 DeMarini Steel – Perfect for conquering all of your low compression softball obstacles. DeMarini - a homegrown company led by a softball fanatic - had shaken the establishment silly. Not a cheap bat for a coach to have, especially one on a teacher's salary with two little girls. Bought for my 11 year old son last fall, he used it indoors all winter and loved it. Demarini likely just using the sprite name which was used on the highly popular CF (-11) of years past. While the current CF4 and Vendetta C6 are approved for play in 2011, they will not be allowed in 2012. Check with your league offical before buying a bat. Is this DeMarini bat eligible? This bat has an alloy barrel and should be 100% legal in a 13-15 year old Babe Ruth league.  » 2013 CF5 Hope  » 2009 CF3 White Adult A 31 inch bat will weigh 22 ounces (31-9=22)...and so on. Secured under lock and key at the DeMarini Bat Industrial Complex in Hillsboro, Oregon, the F1 served as a technological storehouse for future products, including DeMarini’s landmark Half & Half system. My son does not have an explosive swing(usually singles and double), he was amazed at how far the ball carried. Grip is superior to previous bats too.  » 2011 The One.12 If you play competitive baseball, the odds are you have a bitter rival. Only adult -3 bats will have that certification.


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